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This year I have been proud to be part of the organising committee for the Teaching and Learning with Vision conference under the great leadership of Carol Skyring.  It has been great to work with this enthusiastic and innovative team and learn how innovation is put into practice within the conference itself.

QR codes will feature with prominence throughout the conference and will be on name badges wherever possible. qrstuff was used to create the qr code.

Here are the steps

  1. It is optional to register for tqrstuff (I didn’t and therefore it is  a good site to use with students.)
  2. Choose the data type. I chose to enter my blog, twitter id, linkedinprofile and facebook link but  when it was created and scanned, the qr code only took me to one of the sites entered – my blog. So, I chose text, entering all urls and and my email address.
  3. Test with a qr reader (I asked Britt Gow to test mine with her iPad, as I have been unable to download a reader on my iPhone as I need to update the software and that will take 18 hours from my slow internet access at home)
  4. When satisfied, click on download image
  5. Save to appropriate folder. Automatically saved as png but changed to jpg file extension
  6. To add to the blog, insert an image> find the qr code png or jpg> and follow the usual prompts.
  7. To add to the sidebar:- goto dashboard>find appearance> widgets>add a txt box.
  8. To insert the image into the text box>insert the image (qr code) into a blog post, goto html tab, copy the code>paste the code into the text widget added in step 7 above. Look at my blog, you can see the code in the post and in the upper right hand corner.
These qr codes can be emailed to the conference organizers prior and then be pringed onto the conference name tags, or they can be saved and brought to the conference for sharing.  There will be a scavenger hunt with a prize at the end for the person with the most and correct answers. Great use of bringing technology to the participants. Love the sandbox idea! See more.
What qr code creators do you  use? What readers and what hardware do you use? How have you used qr codes? Have you seen qr codes used at conferences?


5 responses to “QR codes on blogs

  1. People may like to scan this code for links to more ideas



    For those without QR code readers yet!

    • Thanks Alannah for these links. I was wondering which was the most appropriate reader for an iPad. This makes a great resource for the content of this post. I hope readers will check these links out. Have you used qr codes in the classroom and if so, how? I loved the one connecting book trailer urls with the actual book.

      • The kids have really enjoyed making the treasure trail around the school – they can even do that for them selves- designing their own trail.

        The one in the classroom window leading to the class blog is good for parents, as is the one that leads to the school prospectus.

        I only teach my class one day a week and the only iOS device in the school is my own iPod Touch and iPad so I don’t leave more permanent displays in the classroom for children to use as they have no devices to read them when I’m not there.

        When I go back in the classroom full time it will be a different story!!!

  2. I love the idea of using the QR codes at a conference – so much potential!

    I like Qrafter Pro for reading and creating QR codes on the iPad – the girly bit in me particularly likes being able to change the foreground and background colours!

    I used QR codes in a professional development course I did last week with some primary teachers to provide information and links for a series of learning centres. The teachers are required to bring a wireless enabled laptop to the course and finding QR readers for Windows and Mac laptops as well as mobile devices (see link at the end of the message for more info) meant that everyone could get involved, regardless of device.

    I also love the way young students are using the codes in the youtube video QR code link also on the page below.


    • QR codes fascinate me and I love seeing how you used them for your PD sessions etc. It is great when we can share what we do with each other and therefore learn from each other. Students come up with so many creative ideas. So thanks for your comment and I hope we can stay in touch.

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