Adding a table to wikispaces

Wikispaces has been my wiki of choice as I find it user friendly. One of my dear friends has asked me how to insert a table into wikispaces. The table feature is a bit tricky. So, here is how it is done! Follow the prompts on the images below.

Where to find add table

Saving the table

Hope this helps those who may have difficulty with table insertion.


4 responses to “Adding a table to wikispaces

  1. Hi Anne…I love using wikispaces too. I stumbled across this handy tip earlier this year and thought you may be interested.
    After creating your table, if you don’t want the lines to appear (say you want to position items neatly on a page) you can insert a widget with this bit of code.


    document.write('.wiki td {border-width: 0px;} ‘)


    It works well.

  2. Hmm..pasting it into a comment didn’t work. Here’s a link to a google doc with the code. Hope it works.

  3. Gee thanks for that Penny. I knew that I had seen something on how to do that. Much appreciated and I shall let Veronica know.

  4. Yup, Anne, there was a technical glitch on my computer when I first tried to add the table to my wikipage. It was easily resolved. Anyway, thanks Anne. Penny, thanks for the tip given. Thanks, you both have been of great help!

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