How a community helps “Lunch with an author” project

Few people realize the rurality of the school I teach in nor how culturally and geographically isolated we are. So, it is with some amazement that students are able to spend a weekly lunchtime with an author from New York. Next problem is how to make this work effectively when we live in different days of the week, different time zones etc?

To ensure that students can collaborate and interact at any stage , Christopher sought help from other New York authors and writers who suggested using evernote.

Immediately, Christopher set up an evernote account for us to share. In there he has placed three folders for students to add notes to:-

  1. A characters folder for students to add their character
  2. A folder for questions to Christopher
  3. A folder with advice and instructions from Christopher
This worked well today, when students came in during lunchtime. A number of students logged into the evernote simultaneously, added notes at the same time  without any problems.
Other community involvement
  • Christophers’ New York publicist is working on New York  press releases and media outlets to promote this pioneering project. This meant permission forms and special notes have gone out to parents so that they are fully aware of the project and approve  any media publicity.
  • Our librarian, remembering that Christopher told  students that “a writer always has a pen with them”,  has purchased  a spiral bound writing book for each student, so they can keep their notes, idea jottings and clippings etc. That was given out at lunch today. 
  • Our literacy coach spent lunchtime with us today, helping those students who were having difficulty with their character creation.
A blog has been set up (and is work in progress!) at globalwriters. This will be used to add podcasts, images, other resources, reflections, comments from students etc and perhaps to showcase some of their work.
What would tools would you  suggest we use?

2 responses to “How a community helps “Lunch with an author” project

  1. Howdy! Are you sharing ONE evernote account among multiple users? Or, are multiple evernote accounts accessing ONE notebook?

    With appreciation,
    Miguel Guhlin
    Around the

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