Digital Literacies

A question was posed on the Australia Series facebook page by Coach Carole:-

what would you consider as being the most important digital literacies required by learners who are new to elearning?

Here is a list of 11 that I have pondered with for some time? What would your answer be? What other digital  literacies should be added? Do you have any references to blog posts or online material in regard to this topic. If so, please share in a comment below. Digital literacy refers to the skills, knowledge and understanding required to use new technology and media to create and share meaning. The following are some of the literacies, that I personally see as essential to be both taught in educational settings and to be embraced within the online environment.

  1. Identify creation and management/establishing a brand/digital footprints/how to be found on the internet
  2. Digital text literacy: – hypertext language, how to read and confidently navigate articles that contain hypertext language , how to write effectively  in 140 characters or less (twitter), shortening urls, finding appropriate information
  3. Ethical issues: cyber safety, plagiarism, digital citizenship, cybersense, digital commerce, netiquette, reuse ethically
  4. Multi-  literacies–digital media including images, visual data, animation, podcasts, digital movies, music, digital storytelling, podcasting, screen casting
  5. Communication literacies: –blogs, wikis, microblogging, audio, video conferencing, global languages, use of web cam, text chat, synchronous and asynchronous means, backchannels, twitter/plurk, immersive environments, gps systems
  6. Authenticity – Expert/credible sites. Spam/phish detection
  7. Organisational literacy: social bookmarking – delicious/diigo, online calendars, blogs/wikis, tagging, categorising, blogrolls, #tags
  8. Network literacy – impact of networking, making friends,digital identity, what does it mean to follow and be followed, mashups
  9. Attention literacy – where to spend time online, how to exert some degree of mental control over our use of technology
  10. Global literacies: what will be the global language, use of translators, common txt language, empathy,  cultural/social awareness
  11. information literacy as part of the ability to find and select info, critical thinking and evaluation
As usual, I have trouble disecting the skills from the knowledge required! Further references: 

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  5. hi there, I did a presentation on digital literacy for a conference this year and here is the link to the slideshow there is a tapestry that I created on it about the rich tapestry of digital natives

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