eT@lking: Top Trending Online Tools in review

Tonight, participants listed the 5 tools that they are increasingly using. We did not actually get to compile the  10 trending tools as hoped, but it was so interesting listening to the tools that others use, why they use them and how they use them. Here is a screen shot of the whiteboard showing the list.

Participants took it in turns to choose one of the tools and get the person who added it to the board to speak to the tool. The tools chosen for further discussion were:-

  1. evernote
  2. mightybell
  3. simplenote app
  4. spicynodes
  5. rockmelt
  6. webspiration
  7. posterous
  8. showme app
Which of these do you know? How  and why have you used them? Which would you add to the list.
Coach Carol shared this link for  the top 100 tools for learning 2011 as a comment on the blog post.

Here is the link to the recording.


2 responses to “eT@lking: Top Trending Online Tools in review

  1. Anne,
    Thanks so much for posting summaries of the tech talks. I do read and listen to them. Sometimes 3am is not the best time for conversing since I am all the way around the world.

    I have so much to still learn, I must admit that I know very few of the sites that everyone listed on the eluminate board and none of the sites in the list for further discussion. Now I have something to look forward to.

  2. Hi Ellen, I still have so much to learn as well. I love the fact that webinars are online and free and accessible to anyone – if you cannot make the scheduled time then it is accessible through a recording. Some of these sites I had not heard of either.

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