Tech Talk Tuesdays in Review: What have you been up 2.0?

Yesterday afternoon after my debacle and frustrations with technology, Tech Talk Tuesdays provided participants with a fascinating, engaging and highly motivating interactive session. The unconference sessions are always a ‘surprise’ as they completely rely on the good will of the participants, their willingness to interact, collaborate and be actively involved. Numbers were small for this session but the richness and quality of the conversations from these participants was just fantastic!

They all came from Australia, bar one – Helena who is an amazing educator wanting to commence an online school for students in who are in hospital in Kenya and continue with a follow up program when they return home. Helena was really pleased to tell us that she has one virtual student now and one of her questions was what platform should she be using for classes.

So, on the spur of the moment, participants used the whiteboard and chat to suggest some tools that would be useful – blogs, blackboardcollaborate, wallwisher, glogster, voicethread, skype, twitter, youtube etc Brette Lockyer had a very wise suggestion to look at the tools that the student may already be using and familiar with and work with those eg if she is into facebook, maybe that is where the teacher needs to add content etc.

The spontaneous learning that occurred:-

  1. Britt demonstrated wallwisher using app sharing and created a wall for us to add our tools to
  2. Britt then tweeted out the link hoping that her network might add sites to it. The link was shared in the chat and participants went to the wall and added their ideas. This included some apps suggested for screen casting by Brette Lockyer.
  3. Amanda shared a blog post on using glogster with students, then stepped us through using glogster with app sharing
  4. Towards the end blackboard collaborate was walked through
From the chat:-
  1. using goanimate with grade 2 students
  2. Brette: What’s important is the dialogue between the teacher and the student. Students need time to think – a tool that records all the thinking in the one spot where you can both input
  3. A wiki will be created to develop her e-portfolio.
  4. Amanda: We used I used wallwisher for students to reflect on a text that we had read – and then it allowed us to move and categorise
  5. Brette:- i am wondering which web 2 tools your student alreay uses? maybe build upon  these?
  6. Link to Joy Valenza’s bookmarks with some great resources
  7. Flipsnack allows conversion of pdf to an online book

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