Children’s Day in Nepal

How wonderful to learn from my online colleague, Govinda Panthy that his students have a holiday today, as it is Children’s  Day in Nepal. What wonderful, special people to acknowledge -we have Fathers Day, Mothers Day but not Childrens Day. The children in Govinda’s School lack so much that we take for granted with our schools and classes. Below is an image of one of a collpased wall of one of their classrooms. As Govinda says:-

Last week it was raining so heavy and the rainwater resulted to break one of our classrooms. it’s really sad for us. I don’t know where i’m going to keep 4th graders. it should be maintained immediately. but don’t know how.

The broken classroom

If you would like to learn more about this amazing teacher and school, or even donate funds to them, Kevin Honeycutt‘s youthful son and a friend have set up a fabulous site to allow you to do so – Our Open World To the children of Nepal…………..Happy Children’s Day!


2 responses to “Children’s Day in Nepal

  1. Happy Children’s day to all Nepalese children from me as well!

    • Thanks Sally for your good wishes. I shall pass them on to Govinda. His children came to school for the day but they played games and had fun. That is really appropriate to “Childrens Day”.

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