Tomorrow morning, I catch a flight to Shanghai to not only attend the Learning 2.011 conference but help lead a cohort group comprising Social Studies and USA English. This conference is innovative and changes the way that most conferences are organised. It uses a cohort model and unconference and workshop approach.  Participants choose a cohort and then work with the leader(s) of that cohort.

Although potential cohort leaders were approached with a pending invitation, they could not be confirmed until participants had registered interest.

The qualities that were sought in a cohort leader are as follows:-

  • the ability to learn and to share
  • the ability to share and learn
  • the ability to help the group to achieve their goals
  • to be what the group needs, not what the leader wants it to be
  • to be creative and think on his or her own feet and adjust to the needs of the cohort
  • a dynamic polymath (Knowing anything and everything
  • knowledge and able to demonstrate appropriate techniques and strategies when needed.

I hope that I can fulfill some of these characteristics and thank the leadership team for having faith in me and  inviting me to be part of it. This will certainly be an exciting event to be part of and the cohort leadership has an amazing wealth of talent, knowledge and experience. Many of the participants are also well known online identities.

Wed and Thur will be spent with the other cohort leaders working out our approach, whilst the conference officially begins on the evening of Thursday 8th September.


Twitter, youtube, facebook, some blogs and google docs are  sites that are blocked in China. It would be so much easier and more powerful if we were able to access these! Blog posts will resume once I return to Australia. Guess email is looking good!


2 responses to “Learning2.011

  1. Anne
    Let the challenge become your opportunity to see the formas in which the majority of aspiring learners learn. Have fun! Ellen

  2. Hi! Anne
    Congratulations! I trust and I know you will definitely make a great impact on those whom you will be leading in Shanghai! Can’t wait to hear from you about your experiences there when you get back to Australia. All the best!

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