The worlds’ largest GeoPark learns from the smallest GeoPark

another class shot

Today 27?students from year 8 Humanities and 11 IT and several staffed ?linked up with Boris and TK from the Hong Kong. They work for the GeoPark in Hong Kong. This was the first time Adobe Connect had been used for our classes.

A great slide show with some amazing photos enabled us to compare the Hong Kong City area with the beautiful natural GeoPark areas. One could have been forgiven in thinking that we were on a remote coastal area of Australia. We learnt about the geography, population and geographic features of the Hong Kong City and the Park itself.

As usual with 35 students in the classroom, they were noisy for a start but once logged on with headsets and individual netbook or desktop access, there was silence – absolute silence broken intermittently by the sound of keystrokes as students typed something in the chat.


  • A video was to be played demonstrating the natural features, but our bandwidth was not strong enough to play it
  • The audio cut in and out at times. We took the webcams off, but although my audio was okay, the students complained that theirs was not.
  • Any of my chat went through quickly, but students complained that theirs did not.

What we liked:-

  • the amazing ability to connect in real time with Boris and JK who both speak English well
  • The wonderful photos and beautiful and unusual natural attractions featured
  • the ability to be able to ask questions and interact in the chat
  • learning immediately from other countries and cultures
  • the initiative taken by students. (One girl could not get her laptop to work so two girls shared a desktop with the external volume on but soft!)

laptop screen
Next time:-


2 responses to “The worlds’ largest GeoPark learns from the smallest GeoPark

  1. Dear Anne,
    You have done a great job and are definitely a world leader in promoting E-classroom and connecting people among all members of UNESCO Global Geoparks Network.
    Member, Hong Kong Geopark Taskforce

  2. Hey Young, thank you so much for your comment. Technology gives us this amazing ability to connect. The UNESCO Global Geoparks network is great to work with as people like you are willing to connect with learners and share using this technology.

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