Voice Recognition – a new perspective on Learning Networks

Dear reader: Please note: this  post is written for my own records due its amazing occurrence but has no real significance for learning except that ‘take care, you can be recognised anywhere, anyway and anyhow’. (or is there significance for learning networks? I would love your comments)

Having caught the Warrnambool-Melbourne train for a 7 hour return journey, in order to attend the Education Show at the Caulfield Race Course, I had to catch another train out to Caufield. As I was presenting on the topic of “Effective Technology in the Classroom“, I took my laptop, now 3 years old, looking like a brick and weighing a ton, together with my netbook for ‘just in case’  needs. My dilapidated backpack housed this gear, but the zip no longer works. This means my laptop is strapped in, but exposed.

As I returned to the city proper at 3:30pm and still had 3 hours to fill in before my departing night train, I toyed with whether I should go to Southern Cross Station, hire a locker and be rid of my heavy backpack or stop at Melbourne Central and go shopping. The shopping notion won. As I proceeded through the exit gates among the milling, teaming throng of train passengers, I stepped onto the escalator. Next minute I felt a tap on my shoulder, and a friendly woman told me that my backpack was open and exposed to ‘pick pockets.’ Thanking her very much and explaining that I knew that I was soon to get an upgrade, she immediately responded with “You are Anne Mirtschin, aren’t you!”. I asked how she knew me, and she said she recognized my voice from one of my weekly webinars “Tech Talk Tuesdays” and “eT@lking.” If my backpack had not been so heavy, I would have dropped it and me in surprise. Lucky, as I had to quickly step off the escalators before they gobbled me up.

Isn’t that amazing! We talk about the use of avatars and human recognition, but now the voice element can also come in to play.


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