Technology provides power to the user

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Several years ago, I met Govinda Panthy (or his facebook page) a dedicated, pro-active teacher from Nepal, on Govinda rents a school building in order to teach students from the lowest caste system in Nepal. This school is extremely poor, poorly resourced and lacking the appropriate number of staff. Yet, Govinda has connected with the globe, using skype and other social networking tools patiently seek basic, minimal resources for his school.

Govinda would arise at 4:30am to be able to connect and skype with his Western World counterparts as the electicity in his home is often cut off at 6 or 7am and not restored until late in the evening! Read even more about this amazing dedicated teacher and the obstacles he has overcome to become a teacher.

Wishing to help out, I suggested that our school could box up some books, reading materials, writing books etc, only to find that Govinda would have to drive two hours to collect them from customs and then have to pay up to $600 in tax to collect them! To donate money required overseas monetary transfers which I did not know anything about!

Many times, I felt guilty as I did not know how to help him fully and was horrified about the conditions of his school. It was with delight the he recently contacted me to say his friend Kevin Honeycutt, from USA, and two young students (one being Kevin’s on), as part of a school project have set up the Open World Project to help Govinda’s school. They have set up a great looking site, complete with details of the school, about Govinda,  goals that they have set and there is a donate button which means anyone who would like to can now donate safely and globally.

Congratulations to  Ben and Jake, a couple of US students, who are helping an impoverished Pakistani school in desperate need of help. Please look at their website and read all about this amazing story. If you feel inclined you may wish to make a much needed donation!


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