Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking: This Week’s Webinars

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Footsteps in Digital Learning

When: Tuesday 2nd August 4-5pm, Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+10)

About this session:– There are a wide range of technological devices available today and many have a use in the classroom. This session will talk about some of these devices and how some schools are using them in the classroom at a variety of levels and subjects with great success.  We will look at devices such as iPods and iPads, netbooks, digital microscopes, spypens, beebots, virtual worlds, games and making 3D movies with Flip Cameras.  Our presenter will be Marion Spencer. Trudy Brentnall may join her.

About Marion Spencer:- After being in the classroom for over 30 years as a primary teacher, Marion was seconded to a regional position to train teachers in the use of ICT in educating students. As an Ultranet coach and a regional ICT role for the last four years, this work has continued with the added bonus of the Ultranet. Marion is also a Regional Innovations Liaison Officer for the Victorian Department of Education.

Here is the link to the recording

eT@lking: Learning @ the Library

When: Wednesday August 3rd 8-9pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10)

About the session: What can your library do to enhance teaching and learning? Facing challenges of digital literacy, digital content, e-books and equitable access to information, libraries are at the forefront of addressing key educational and social issues of ICT and change. Pru Mitchell will be our guest presenter.

About Pru: Pru has many years’ experience teaching information literacy and ICT across K–12, and is currently Senior Education Officer at, Australia’s national ICT in education agency working on the Education Network Australia (edna) project. She is a member of Wikimedia Australia, voluntary editor of the Australian Newspapers beta and is active in many online support communities for teachers.

Here is the link to the recording


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