mTechnology for Work Experience

"The Purse" Bourke St Mall

Each year, our year 11 students are given the opportunity to participate in two weeks work experience in Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria – three and a half hours away. As many of our students come from farms and small country towns, this can be a daunting, challenging but highly successful experience.

They work at two different workplaces one week at a time. At night time, they participate in  a range of activities, introducing them to many aspects of city life. Nerves always run high on the first evening as students prepare themselves to get to work  on the first day, independently, on a combination of trams, buses and trains.  This year was the first year when every student had a mobile phone with them.Their mobile phones are used to good effect to ensure that few of them get lost or disoriented.

Mobile phone features used:-

  • notes:- key in tram stop numbers, trains and platform numbers, directions to get to work, work contacts etc
  • google maps  (if on the phone)
  • camera for taking photos of key geographical features at stops and other locations.
  • …..and of course the contacts directory had the phone no. of their employer, the school phone number and the supervising teachers’ phone numbers for that last minute panic or need to actually speak.
Prior to going to Melbourne, the following websites helped students in working out their directions:-

  1. metlink journey planner and timetable for trams, buses, trains
  2. google maps
  3. google street view (so could ‘see’ the building they were to work in)
  4. and much more
but….. we did take them off them during sleep time. Can you work out why? They were duly returned first thing in the morning.

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