Finished reports but…. Hey! the other side of the world hasn’t!

After what seems like weeks of correction, exam setting, assessment and report writing, I have finally finished (although there is still some correction to do)! It was really good to get back online this weekend and spend time lurking on twitter, skype, reading blogs, watching  youtube videos etc.

However, as I was about to logoff, the educational skype group, HLW Skypers, showed some activity. Within minutes of revealing my online presence I was on a skype group call with teachers and educators from Katherine from Austria, Armando France, Carlos  Portugal and Sebastian,  Kerala India  (with  me from Australia). Katherine from the ” Sound of Music” country in Austria was still madly writing reports, Armando in France had 50 exam papers still to correct and Sebastian had just attended a Seminar by “Kerala Mathematical Association” in St Teresas College and was now enjoying home time with his wife.  We could hear Armando’s son practicing at his percussion set. Unfortunately, the video dropped out once more than two joined the group, as Armando would have shown us the percussion practice. Conversations were shared around our location and the weather. Soon, the others had to return to their correction and report writing and it was time for me to go to bed!

What an amazing flat world this is – where educators can connect within minutes and share conversations, where learning happens instantly, where despite our different accents we can understand each other.

    • What if we could link up our students in a similar manner!
    • What would they learn?
    • Would they be engaged?
    • What conversations would be shared?

And the outcome…… Sebastian will teach my year 11 IT students vedic maths on Wednesday!

2 responses to “Finished reports but…. Hey! the other side of the world hasn’t!

  1. This was great reading. I enjoyed reading this. I had just finished teaching a women in Brazil how to speak English. This is so fun. As of 10 minutes ago, we are now Facebook friends, too. Good to read your writing from Australia.

  2. Anne, you have inspired me yet again. Glad the reports are over! Commiserations to those on the other side of the world….

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