Link for ICTEV 2011 session Sat 21st May

Here is a link to an  elluminate room to join the ” eLearning in the Virtual Classroom” session at the ICTEV2011 conference in Melbourne today at 11:20am, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10). This will be used as a back channel and play area.

An hour before my session, to my horror, I found that I was blocked out of my learncentral homepage. As I wanted to ‘walk’ people through elluminate and its features as part of my presentation, I was going to login to elluminate and show them via my free vroom. Thinking fast, I booked a room in elluminate through my DEECD access, and thought it would therefore be good to invite the participants to enter and participate.  They were given the opportunity to write on the whiteboard and see how it looks in practise.

Here is the result of ‘playing with the whiteboard tools”. In hindsight I should have given the link earlier and used the chat in elluminate as the back channel.


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