Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking: this week’s sessions

Tech Talk Tuesdays: The Google Teacher Academy – Sydney

When: Tuesday, May 10th, 4 to 5pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10)

About this session: In April this year, a Google Teacher Academy was held  in Sydney – the first time for Australia. This prestigious event is offered to innovative educators.  Tania Sheko and Glenda Morris will present to us on their experiences at this academy.

These will include

  • highlights,
  • the cohort
  • the agenda
  • benefits
  •  some google apps
  • takeaways
  • How can google and its apps be used in the classrooms and education in general.

Bring along your questions and share in the conversations.

Here is the link to join the session.

eT@lking: Dropbox and Digital Citizenship


This session is cancelled and postponed to a later date. Apologies to all

When: Wed May 11th 8-9pm

About the session/webinar: After last week’s popular discussion,  further discussions will continue on this vital notion of Digital Citizenship. Time will also be spent looking at dropbox (saving and sharing in the clouds) and why it is becoming increassingly popular and how it can be used advantageously for individuals and classes.

5 responses to “Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking: this week’s sessions

  1. Thanks! Tania Sheko and Glenda Morris for sharing and introducing such a wonderful and powerful tool to us. It has definitely given me great insights on what and how we can use Google apps in the classroom. I’ll be exploring to find out more about Google apps for educators. And I’m definitely going to share this with my teaching colleagues here, most likely through an in-house training slot. Once again, a million thanks to Tania and Glenda..and also you, too, Anne! Kudos for a great sharing session!

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  3. Hi Veronica. Thanks for attending this session. I like using google – especially the docs, forms, sheets, calendar due to their potential interactivity, ability to enable collaboration etc. I love the fact that I can be organised with the calendar and other apps and that they are stored in ‘the clouds’ so that I can access them wherever I have a computer. Which apps do you think you could use and which would you share, first? Hope you can attend next week’s session as Rob is enjoys working in the collaborative fields too with videoconferencing.

  4. Hi Veronica, I’m glad you found the Google tools useful, and thankyou for the kind feedback. If it wasn’t for Anne I wouldn’t have had the courage to present. It was fun!

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