Upcoming Conferences – opportunities for PD

Some of my favourite conferences are coming up.

  1. The Innovations Showcase
  2. ICTEV conference
The Innovations Showcase Friday 13 May at the Melbourne Convention Centre, South Wharf, Melbourne, Victoria
Although not strictly a conference is a showcase of innovative work in education and classrooms in Victoria. This showcase is organised by the Innovations and Next Practice Division of DEECD (Victorian Education Department)  Why attend?
  • There is a great line-up of innovative presenters  many of whom are using technology in a ‘cutting edge’ manner.
  • It is one of the few free face to face conferences that I know of.
  • Its popularity is evident by the fact that the showcase was  booked out several weeks ago. People can still register but go on a waiting list.
  • Keynote speakers: Anh Do, author of the bestselling autobiography The Happiest Refugee.
  • I am looking forward to meeting online friends and contacts face to face, especially @suewaters.
 If you missed out this year, make sure you attend  next year. My presentation is entitled “Little Big Classroom” and is in the program at Session 3 and will include a direct linkup with my good friend Veronica Woo whose students will do a capella of the ‘Circle of Life’ from the Lion King and a short choral reading of extracts between the Lion King and his son Simba, using videoconferencing with skype. Twitter #tag = #deecdisc

The ICTEV Conference “In Touch  Saturday May 21st at Melbourne Grammar School.  This a  favourite annual event. Why?
  • It is on a Saturday which means I do not have to get leave of absence from school.
  • The sessions are kept to 40 mins which means there are many sessions to choose from and lots of snapshots of educational practice using technology. 
  • Due to the facilities,  30 participants  is the largest number in any one session – an intimate environment for discussion and interaction.
  • Tom March is the key presenter
  • There is a great line up of presenters
  • Presenters attend free
  • Great opportunity for networking
  • The food is amongst the best of any conferences I have attended.
  • The ‘real’ coffee from a mobile coffee vendor is free all day long!
Don’t miss this great conference!
Here are the sessions that I will be presenting:-
  1. Learning is Now! Powerful 21st Century Classrooms
  2. eLearning in Virtual Classrooms
  3. Videoconferencing on a Shoestring
will you be at either of these conferences? Which are your favourite face to face conferences?

2 responses to “Upcoming Conferences – opportunities for PD

  1. Hi Anne,

    Thanks for this great post. I am presenting at both conferences having attended neither of them before! It was great to hear that these two conferences are some of your favourites.

    I’ve signed up to see you at the Innovations Showcase. I’m sure you will be inspiring as always!

    It did cross my mind with the rumours of budgets cuts in education looming, I do hope the axe doesn’t swing on the Innovations Showcase! It’s fantastic to have a free event because I know what the reaction would be if most teachers asked their schools if they could attend a $200+ conference!

    I’m glad you mentioned the food at ICTEV – good food really does make a PD, haha!

    Look forward to catching up with you and many others including @suewaters on Friday!


    • Hi Kathleen. Great to hear you will be at both. I have also signed up for your session, but the web conference coaches have a stand to promote the use of virtual classrooms in education, so I may be tied up there now. I wonder why food is of prime importance! Perhaps it helps us relax, strike up conversations points, gives ‘good value for money’ considering the cost of attending conferences etc! Look forward to seeing you. Anne

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