Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking webinars this week!

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Phishing, scams, online security and more

When: Tuesday, May 3rd, 4 to 5 pm Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10) (This may be Monday May 2nd for other time zones.)

Topic: The recent scams and security leaks involving Sony Play Station brings to the fore issues with online security. This session will be a general discussion amongst participants. Discussion will centre on ways to keep secure online, examples of scams and phishing  and approaches to take when we are phished and scammed! How do we tackle this in the classoom?

Come join along and join in the conversations. If you have any examples of phish, scams or security issues please bring them along to share.

Click on this link to join this session.

etalking – Trait or Skill

When: Wed 4th May 8-9pm Melbourne Australia time  (gmt+10)

About the session:– The following question was raised by @bctech on twitter this week:- Is digital citizenship now considered part of “character” education? Trait or skill ? Discussing this question will form the basis of eT@lking this week. 

Discussion will be centred around Digital Citizenship, its meaning and impact for those who are online. Is it a trait or skill and as such  does it need to be taught, how can it be taught, etc.

Bring along your experiences, ideas and questions and share in the conversations.


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