eT@lking: Embers of the World

When: Wednesday, April 27th from 8 to 9pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt +10)

About the session:- Embers of the World is based around the framework of ‘Reflect, Connect – Collaborate, Innovate – Become’

About the presenter:-  Debbie Nicol, an Australian expatriate of 15 years, currently living in Dubai. Curating her own business, Business Motion Debbie deals with strategic corporate change, and learning and development initiatives. She works closely with an online, international corporate academy driving the corporate culture evolution, being an ambassador for the social constructivist approach to learning. Throughout her corporate journey, she realized an organization wont change until the very last person engages with it. Herein lay the challenge, whereby she discovered that traditional methods simply weren’t forging this engagement. The connection simply didn’t exist. Similarly nor did it exist in many personal lives, until the layers of distortion were removed.

This was the impetus for the creation of a new personal and social development model called ‘embers of the world’, based around the framework of ‘Reflect, Connect – Collaborate, Innovate – Become’. With change at its heart, is ‘embers’ a concept to be taught, facilitated, connected with or simply ‘caught’? And to what level? It’s aiming for change on both an individual level as well as the UN level, so quite a spectrum. And how is technology being applied currently, and how will it in the future?

Take a sneak peek at how the book concept works here called Travelling Embers or here Corporate Embers and a snapshot of the international online ReflectLearn forum ……come along on April 27 at 8 pm (Melbourne Australia time gmt+10) to meet the lady behind the concept….

Click on this link to join the session.

Please note that Tech Talk Tuesdays returns next week, Tuesday May 2nd


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