Rules for Blogging

The second challenge in the advanced Edublogs “Blogging with Students” challenged bloggers to write a post on “My Blog Rules”! Upon reflection here are the guidelines that I ask my students to follow.

  1. Enjoy blogging and the benefits it brings! Develop a great digital footprint!
  2. Use appropriate language at all times – no swearing, slang, words of dubious nature or double meanings. Show you are a good digital citizen
  3. Stay safe at all times: Keep your personal information private eg no last names, phone numbers, addresses etc
  4. Always use complete English ie no Instant Messaging (IM) or txt language. Online translators cannot translate IM.
  5. Use a spell checker.
  6. Global communication: remember different age groups and people from different cultures may read your blog. As your blogs are online, you may be writing for anyone and everyone around the globe!
  7. Take care with images:- do not identify any children, obtain permission to use others’ images, where possible take your own photos, make sure images are appropriate etc
  8. Always reply to any comments: read what commentor is blogging about, respond with a comment on their blog or email them, thank the commentor,ask them a question to keep the conversation going
  9. If in doubt, just do not do it! Once it is online it is can always be found somewhere online.

What have I missed? I need a 10th rule to round this off. What would you add? Have you set up a set of rules for your students when blogging? Do you think the same rules apply for both adults and students?


5 responses to “Rules for Blogging

  1. I’d have something about commenting on the blogs of others: blogging should be a communal activity.

  2. Anne,
    Good idea to have a rule about images. This year we have begun to take that seriously. We now approach the end of our school year, so my list needs revising again as we finish up, before I start next year’s blogging. For now, here are my rules of Netiquette. I think the only thing that may be different for adults and students is the adult is leaving a larger digital footprint. Of course, still staying safe and protecting themselves, but perhaps sharing a bit more information, such as last name.
    Thanks for keeping the conversation going, Anne,

  3. Oops, sorry, Anne. I just left a message, but my husband was logged on to my computer. Now I changed the log in.

    • Hi Denise, I find that one of the hardest rules for students to follow is that of images. Time and time again they believe that if it is online then it is free for them to use as they wish. Every week and nearly every day, I am reminding them of appropriate use. Nice to meet your husband, by the way!!!

  4. Hello Anne
    Here is what a gourp of adult writing students cam up with in our class blog. I hope there is something here…Ellen
    Blogging Guidelines
    Write respectfully:Human interactions are based on values, such as respect. Anything you write should be:
    • concise,
    • constructive,
    • objective,
    • sincere,
    • in topic, and
    • specific
    in order to improve and help each other pursuing our common goal: writing academically in English as a second language.

    Posts and comments should be polite, respectful, and encouraging. Feel free to share your own point of view and point out accuracy mistakes in our writing community.

    Write accurately:Write in a correct way. Take care of grammar and mechanics. Proofread your work before you post. Use Netiquette.
    Keep your personal information private.
    Learning is a process. Enjoy it.

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