Re-thinking the Classroom: Article by VIT

In 2010, our school, Hawkesdale P12 College in conjunction with CEP (Country Education Project) and the University of Ballarat trialled a Virtual Teaching Practicum with three pre-service teachers. Here is a wonderful report and summary in the latest VIT (Victorian Institute of Teachers) magazine. VIT gave approval to the trial project as it was essential that such an innovative and high risk taking, was recognized for the girls’ minimum placement requirements. Lesley McGregor, of CEP, liaised this amazing project. What our email alert message said:-

Please find below a link to Issue 8 of Professional Practice: ‘Engaging teachers’. It features the work of teacher and acclaimed presenter of professional development Glen Pearsall, with his practical hints on how to create and foster more effective and engaging classrooms. Re-thinking classroom dynamics is the focus of an article on Professor Ramon Lewis’ Developmental Approach to classroom behavior, while the feature on Hawkesdale P12 College and their recent virtual placement pilot suggests a re-think of the classroom itself.

Here is the link to the online article And the Walls Came Down or for a printable version:


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