eT@lking Summary: Articulate Quiz Maker

A big thank you to Graham Clark who spoke about Articulate Quiz maker for this week’s eT@lking. His easy to follow, step by step walk through the software using application sharing in elluminate, made this a powerful learning session. Although Articulate Quiz Maker is not free, the participants were suitably impressed with its capabilities and many of the ideas could be transferred to other quiz making tools. Graham also showed us an award winning quiz which was most engaging and could be used for learning and assessment.

From the chat

Feedback and more on articulate from the chat


2 responses to “eT@lking Summary: Articulate Quiz Maker

  1. I love the backchannel chats because you seem to learn more than what was intended! I’m still learning Twitter with the hashtags and mentions as well.

    Thank you for commenting on my class blog! It’s slow moving but the students are really enjoying it! I think the parents are slowly understanding as well. Last week I had about 10 parents help in the lab! I also have a few parent followers and some have made comments. I’m sure more have visited as well.
    The students want their own blogs, but I don’t think I’m ready yet!

    Have a great day/night!

    • Hi Theresa, I agree that often the back channel can provide rich conversations, much sharing and interesting discussions that really add value to the presenter’s session.

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