Tech Talk Tuesdays – a Summary – Kids e-talking to kids!

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Edna Sackson (whatedsaid) impressed participants with the innovative and amazing work that she is doing with her students. With the aid of some fabulous slides that showed Edna’s creative skills and web tours, Edna shared stories from her classroom, with some fantastic samples of student reflections and examples of rich learning that takes place when kids can talk to other kids online. Her linkups with students in India made for powerful sharing. She also shared some great resources and tips/hints. Here is the link to the recording.

From the chat came the following:-

  • Peggy George): it shows that they could really listen to the others without worrying so much about what people might think of them
  • hihelen18 1: Another thing that I found is that the students went from being self centred to not sure what the word is but they were not just hung up about their own lives but the lives of others and at the same time learnt that their own lives have value and interest as well
  • Peggy George (on the image of Indian students sitting outside on the ground completing exams): it’s very interesting–they are sitting in rows even though they are sitting on the ground 🙂
  • 10 ways to create global connections
  • start with the learning and then think about the tools and how they can contribute to the learning
  • Voicethread sample 1 and sample 2
  • Voicethread have added some new features
  • Edna’s class connecting
  • very 2 way–they aren’t just the recipients of the connections but they are contributing in authentic meaningful ways
  • Steff Hann 1: It is a great way for kids to see that the internet is not just a spot to visit to find something out but a 2 way connection.

Further stories from Edna’s classrooms


2 responses to “Tech Talk Tuesdays – a Summary – Kids e-talking to kids!

  1. Dear colleagues,
    I got inspired greatly while watching the event. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience! It’s a small world, and it is so comfortable, if you know there are nice people in all parts of it, people who can understand you.
    With best wishes,
    Tatyana Ch from Moscow, Russia.

  2. Anne
    Thanks for the post and link. I have bookmarked it for further study and thought! School is roller coaster mad! Next term our Principal is on study leave, so I will have some time out of classroom as “acting” Principal. So looking forward to it. I see it as a chance for me to hone some of my tech wish list skills. This looks like a good one to listen into.

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