Let the emailer beware!

Horror of all horrors! Being rather tired and frayed around the edges at the end of a long day, I was at home checking my emails when I found a reminder email to befriend a good online colleague of mine in tubely. Without really thinking I started to register for this site. Now, I did google it and the first search came up with the fact it was safe and that it filtered out unlikely characters!

So, I proceeded to answer  the questions and foolishly gave my gmail address and password! Yes….. foolishly!

Password? Password? Alarm bells went off! I immediately, went into my gmail account settings and changed my password. Within minutes, I got an email from another good friend saying that she wanted to be friends in real time and not befriend me on a site like that. Eoww! I knew tubley had succeeded in phishing through my account in that short period between changing my email password and giving them my details

Lessons to be learnt!

  1. Be on guard at all times!
  2. Always spend time searching out the content of a site before joining.
  3. Never, ever share your password with your email account
  4. If you should do so, immediately change your password.

The  eT@lking webinar started soon after. The presenter mentioned an email from google requesting personal details.

A tweet soon appeared on tweetdeck. Another trick Gmail phishing scheme http://bit.ly/gOBJyJ || RT @TNW @KevinMinott @AnnTran_ @2cre8

One final word from my students when I told them about this:-” Mrs Murch, you shouldn’t have done that! Give them false details next time” At least I  have taught them well!

Please take care and beware! What scams or phish have you been caught with? What advice would you give?


2 responses to “Let the emailer beware!

  1. I rec’d this request from you. I started because I saw it was your email it came from but I canceled before I gave any passwords. I think I only got as far as accepting the friend request before I closed the tab. Hopefully I do not have any issues. I have not rec’d any other requests and my gmail looks OK.


  2. Hi Dave, thank you for comment. I still feel terrible. As you say, I opened it because my invitation was from a trusted friend. It is a pity that we have phish and scams but they are a reality and it is a good lesson learnt by me.

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