eT@lking: A Digital Journey with Penny Bentley

One of Penny's great slides

The session began with the sharing of tips, tricks and treats and then proceeded to discuss some of the scam and phish emails that were currently circling cyber space. These included joining the dating site – tubely and a hoax gmail link.

Penny Bentley, our guest presenter, spoke on her Digital Journey. Penny impressed us with her wonderful slides that were visually engaging and effective. Penny talked about the start of her digital journey some 12 months ago, to the present day where she is actively involved in networking, blogging and eLearning. See Penny’s blog

From the chat came the following

  • PLN Teach blog
  • Innovations Showcase, Victoria is looking for presenters
  • Flex-e-News for notifications of upcoming conferences in the VET world
  • MS Powerpoint slideshow in 2010 can convert direct to a video
  • Michael G: the video export option is good but iSpring probably better bet
  • Success with eLearning
  • FUSE resources
  • Ed: you treat twitter as a big party… you don’t have to talk to everyone, just join in some conversations and respond to the people you want to
  • toondoo
  • Ed: i use vimeo for uploading my own videos so that i can easily insert on blog
  • Symbaloo – a bookmarking tool
  • Langwitches blog
  • Chinese blog or zoho in English
  • Edu2 – User ID = sandpit Password = student
  • 365 project – take a photo each day of the year challenge

Thanks Penny for sharing your journey with us and stimulating the conversations.

Here is the link to the recording


2 responses to “eT@lking: A Digital Journey with Penny Bentley

  1. Anne thank you so much for your positive feedback…you are very kind 🙂
    I also need to let you know that your link to my blog is no longer working.
    My new URL is
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to to present.

  2. Thanks Penny for alerting me to this change. I shall relink your blog now.

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