Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking – this week’s sessions

Two great webinars this week –  both on blogging. There is something for everyone!

Tech Talk Tuesdays: February 22nd 4-5pm Melbourne Australia time (gmt+11)

Topic: Educational Blogging – Teaching Commenting and Parent Participation

Presenter: Linda Yollis, Los Angeles, USA

About the session: In this session, Linda will share the way that she approaches the all important commenting element of blogging and will also discuss how to get parents involved. Linda, from Los Angeles, USA, has been an elementary school teacher for 24 years. She is committed to meaningful integration of technology in the classroom and is passionate about educational blogging. Don’t miss this exciting session!

About our Presenter: Linda was highly successful in the recent Edublogs Awards 2010:-
1. Winner of Lifetime Achievement 2010
2. First Runner Up of Best Classroom Blog 2009, 2010
Linda is responsible for a very successful and effective class blog called Mrs Yollis’ Classroomand has written guest posts for the Challenge Yourself to Blog project. Her class created the “How to Compose a Quality Commenting video”.
Here is the link to the recording


eT@lking:– Wednesday, 23rd February, 2011, 8-9pm Melbourne Australia time (gmt +11)

Presenter: Sue Wyatt

Topic:- The Student Blogging Challenge

About this session:- Sue Wyatt who has co-organised a number of successful global student blogging challenges in conjunction with edublogs will speak about the upcoming global Student Blogging Challenge.

With more than23 classes and  600 students registered already, Sue will cyberwalk us through the challenge and explain how it all works – the nature and benefits of the challenge, the posts, pages etc . Countries involved include:-  Ireland, Colombia, Thailand, UK, NZ, Australia, Canada and USA. Hope that you can join us!

Here is the link to the session


4 responses to “Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking – this week’s sessions

  1. Hi Anne,
    I am really hoping that I will be able to attend the session on Wednesday afternoon (for me) because I want to hear what Sue has to say. I also want you to know that China is also involved as my class is registered though it may be a bit of a challenge having to use a VPN for Edublogs but we have set up on Weekbly and at the moment we can access that. My class is really excited and I am nervous on how this all works. 🙂

    • Hi Heather I hope you can come too. It will be 5pm your time. Fantastic to know that you will be involved and I hope that your blogging platform will remain. The session we had with Linda Yollis today was so inspiring. So if you get time to listen to this as well, you will enjoy.
      You will just love blogging with your class. Don’t be nervous as there is so much help out there for you, if you need it. Just yell, if you need a hand. See you tomorrow, hopefully. If not, let me know and I shall send you the link to the recording.

  2. I probably won’t make this session on Wednesday (9am Irish time). Will there be a podcast of it? This ismy first time my students have taken the challenge and I’d love to hear all about the challenge and what to expect.

    • HI Noeleen, all these sessions are recorded, so I can send you the recording link. I will also add a post back to this blog, with the link as well. Sue Wyatt is a great speaker, so I am sure you will like listening to the session. all the best with the Challenge. You will love being part of it.

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