MS Powerpoint gets (be)Funky

Do you want to?

  • add engaging effect can be given to headers, images that contain text etc.
  • add effectiveness to blog posts and other online sites
  • put something together very quickly
  • stimulate creativity

Then combine user friendly MS Powerpoint with befunky.

See some examples, that were quickly put together to add impact to blog posts. Can you tell which are originals and which are the ‘befunked’ version?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  1. Add text to MS Powerpoint slide
  2. Add any images
  3. Add a colour background, goto Design>background colours>bacground styles>format background>gradient fill>preset colours
  4. Goto Save As>look for Save As Type>choose jpg file interchange format.

How to use befunky (the free version)

  1. Register for befunky, activate email, logo
  2. Choose “start creating now” and “upload now”
  3. Upload your MS Powerpoint image file
  4. Choose to edit, apply art and photo effects, graphics, shapes, text, speech bubbles, add frames/borders etc

Have you used MS Powerpoint images in creative ways? If so, how? Have you used befunky? What do you use to create a quick engaging image together?


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