So you want a best selling blog!

Many of us would love our blog to be a  best seller . The final challenge in the Kick Start Your Blog asks participants to reflect on building readership for our blogs. This can take time, experience and a lot of ‘cyber (elbow) grease’. There are two types of audiences:-

  1. The deliberate audience:- those who come via subscriptions, RSS feeds and  your network and those who chance upon your blog via a search engine.
  2. The accidental audience:- readers who search online and chance upon your blog. (can  often account for the majority of visitors).

Following are some of my tips for building readership.

The deliberate audience

  1. Network, network, network! Become highly networked – Join emailing lists, twitter, plurk, social networking groups eg classroom2.0, Linkedin, facebook
  2. Read others’ blogs, leave comments that include your url. Wait for them to return to yours.
  3. Ensure that your blog address is found within any and all of your profile pages, including twitter.
  4. Seek out ideas for blog posts that may be high in demand: Search for questions that people are asking on twitter, emailing lists, social networking groups, write a post responding to them.Read the Edublogger. Sue Waters shares some great posts, always ending with a question. Respond to the question in a blog post of your own and share the link back as a comment on her post.
  5. Write posts on topical educational or technological issues eg When yahoo announced it was going to close delicious, write a post on delicious and alternatives – perfect opportunity for a captive audience
  6. Join in  blog challenges eg Kick Start Your Blog
  7. Share you blog everywhere – on blogging wikis, social networking sites, emailing lists. Add it to your signature in all emails you send.
  8. Attend online webinars eg classroom2.0LIVE, Tech Talk Tuesdays or some of the Australia series and share your blog url in the chat and on your elluminate profile.
  9. Have a business card prepared, take it with you to conferences and share with people you meet.
  10. Add a ‘like’ button to your posts.

the accidental audience

  1. Make sure you tag fully and add appropriate categories before publishing posts and add appropriate categories. The more hits you get the higher up the search engine list you go.
  2. Check out what is being asked in online forums, twitter, current newsworthy technological events. Write posts on these topics.
  3. If your blog provides statistics look for the key search words that people used to chance upon your blog. This will give further ideas of what is topical, or what people are googling for (I feel another blog post coming on!
  4. Seek out your most popular posts (using the stats) and write extensions on these topics.

Here is a screen dump of terms that people searched for to get to my blog on one particular day. It gives ideas for further posts.

Search Views
Reasons that students blogcartoon students 2
people mountain people sea 1
singapore international friendship day information 1
word cloud your tweets 1
racial harmony day 1
xtranormal export 1
blogs for students 1
generation y bikes 1
how to retweet with comments 1

What do you do to increase readership of your blog? Do you have other ways in which that “accidental audience” can be encouraged?


3 responses to “So you want a best selling blog!

  1. Great post and very good ideas. I have mini Moo cards that I take with my to conferences and other events where I meet both educators and the general public. I agree it is another great way to get your blog out there. Thanks for the additional great ideas!

  2. Thanks for the great post….I don’t know if I want to be a ‘Best Selling Blog Author’, but I definitely would like to know if my blogging is interesting to others. It is meant to be helpful but I’ve found it to be a way to reflect on my teaching. That being said I still get excited when I see that people have been looking at it. Recently, I downloaded Tweetdeck and that has made a world of difference as far as connecting with people and creating a PLN….some of my followers actually retweeted on of my posts! So, your advice to connect with all different sources is a must!

    • Hi Nancy, thanks for the comment. I only tried tweetdeck a few months ago and wish that I would have started using it earlier. It is great isn’t it. It is highly motivating to see someone else retweet your work.

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