Colour your Day in a Sentence

G’day everyone!

It is with great pride, that I host the “Day in a Sentence” post for this week. This acitivity is a great networker where participants share their days (and lives) in a differing format each week. Thanks Bonnie Caplan for organising and sponsoring this fabulous weekly activity. (Okay, you can tell I am from the ‘land down under’ as my spelling is probably different to some of you!)

The challenge for this week is to talk about your “Day in a Colour”! Think about a colour that reflects your day or week  and tell us why in a sentence or more. Please add your sentence as a comment to this post. The results will be shared with you early next week. If you have not participated before, we would love you to join in with us now.

Here is my sentence:-

Red is the colour of my day, as today is Valentine’s Day,  and also the day of  my (or should that be our) wedding anniversary!

Looking forward to reading your colours in a day!


25 responses to “Colour your Day in a Sentence

  1. White is the color (colour 🙂 of my day because I’m feeling sheepish because of a mistake I made in American history class today.

  2. My color today is red to remind me of those I love and to remind me of those with heart disease and to remind me of the fingerprint hearts and love bugs I made this morning with 4 year olds.

  3. Happy Anniversary for yesterday Anne!
    Today my colour is blue because that’s what I see looking out my window at the sky this morning 🙂

  4. Green is what I want to see — not white — as the snow begins the meltdown that can only eventually lead to Spring.


  5. This is mid-winter for me and the color I love in winter is purple mountains majesty.

  6. Yellow 🙂 The sun was shining so brightly today and the temperature was near 50 today which warms my heart!!

  7. Purple is the color of the day for me, as I get out of my car and see the huge patch of violets that gives such a balm to my spirit.

  8. My colour is red, for the hot weather at present that has me sitting next to a fan.

  9. This was a good day full of luke orange successes and small accomplishments.

  10. Yellow is the colour of my day. My yellow Cuban hibiscuses are finally in burst into golden flowers and are making my usually average garden look awesome!

  11. Orange is my colour today as it represents the wonderful brightness and creativity teachers showed during elearning workshops.

  12. RED! Red is the color in support of the teachers and public workers in Wisconsin today who are fighting against budget cuts.

  13. Yellow is the colour of wonderment and inspiration. My day was yellow because we had an amazing education consultant work with us on how to build student well being and engagement through an oral language focus. I am excited. I am YELLOW!

  14. Hi Anne. The colour of my day today is grey/blue/grey/blue, which is a typical Melbourne day, especially as it is windy today, so the white clouds are flying across the sky!

  15. Turquoise is my day as I reflect upon the busy start to a new school year as the sky is reflected in a summer sea.

  16. White is my color for the white ball I’ll be watching being hit back and forth this weekend at my daughter’s volleyball tournament! (Great activity by the way!)

  17. Yellow. The light going on as teachers realise that focusing on learning rather than teaching can totally change their practice.

  18. Cold, what color is cold? Wind? What color is wind? That’s what I a feeling today, this week, for way too long. But soon, a week from Monday, I will have a clear color- YELLOW! the sunshine of Aruba, the BLUE of the ocean.


  19. Today (and many days) my colour is green – I have spent all morning in the garden, mowing and weeding and cutting back the expansive growth brought on by our wet summer this year. It is very strange to have such a green lawn at the end of February – usually it has dried to a crisp this time of year!

  20. Blue is my colour today – after a difficult couple of weeks with things weighing me down, the grey clouds have finally(!) cleared and I feel the freedom expressed by clear blue skies.

  21. Hi Anne, this today moment is the palest shade of pink – ballerina pink – having read the blog of a young Australian dancer and her view of what happiness is… visions of tulle and point shoes… amazing how blogs give you an opportunity to see the world through the eyes of a young dancer! Priceless pink moment! Regards, Deb

  22. Silver is the colour of my day! I’ve had a great response to my classroom tweets today so feel like every cloud has a silver lining- so much material for tomorrow’s lesson- and all of it from around the world!

  23. Green! The rain is over and the sunshine is turning everything a gorgeous green. Green is the color of growth and new beginnings…and that is what is happening for my 80 year old mother who is living with us. She’s recovering from a broken ankle and is learning to walk again! 🙂

  24. The color of my day is deep blue for all the blueberries I ate with my waffles this morning. Mmm, mmm!

  25. Positively purple after pirates, picnic, planning and proud of pupils performance.

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