Create a word cloud with wordle

Some staff will be working on web2.0 tools at school today. This post will help them to make a word cloud with students.

Australia is watching cyclone Yasi as it approaches the northern coastline of Queensland. Below is a wordle created by highlighting and copying an ABC online news bulletin.

Wordle easy to use and produces effective results quickly. Follow the steps below to make attractive word clouds for use online or off line.

To make the word cloud

  1. Goto wordle
  2. Look for “create your own” and click on the link
  3. Key in the words to be used in the cloud, in the resultant window. (Tip: Key in the words in MS Word, copy and paste into the window. This will prevent any potential losses once online.)
  4. Click Go when finished
  5. A word cloud will be created. Choose randomize until you get your preferred cloud. (When feeling confident, you can use the links ef font, layout etc at the top, to manually manipulate the cloud.
  6. Wordle will give html code if you save to their gallery. However, this is always quite small, so another option is to make a screen dump.
  7. If you use a PC, click on the PrtSc (Print Screen) key above the function keys. This will take a screenshot.

To create an image with your word cloud

  1. Open MS Paint, goto edit and paste
  2. Use the cropping tool to remove the sections not required
  3. Goto edit>copy
  4. Open a new MS Paint screen, do not save the old one.
  5. Goto edit and paste
  6. Save as a jpg or png and the image is now ready to be used online or elsewhere.
  7. Always acknowledge that you have used wordle.

Uses for Wordle

How do you use wordle in the classroom? What alternatives to wordle do you use?


7 responses to “Create a word cloud with wordle

  1. This is so clearly explained. I would like to share your instructions with my students. Thank you again.
    I CAN do this! Ellen

    • Hi Ellen Don’t you love it when things will work and we can understand clearly how to do things. That is why I love the work of Sue Waters as she so clearly explains how to do things. I wish I was younger and understood or used technology with more confidence but hey…. I do love learning. Thanks for the comment and let us know how you go.

  2. Murcha
    Thanks for this post. I am slow!! I never thought of taking a post like the cyclone and making a wordle from the news bulletin. It’s great. Our internet is down at school, I was so disappointed because we could have kept up with live news today. I had to wait until I got home. Queensland has had it bad the last month.

    • Hi Kathryn, I love using wordle. It is so visual and the main points of an article stand out immediately. I live in Victoria and the floods continue down here as well. More rain is falling as I write this, but somehow where I live, we have avoided the rain. Yes, Queensland is suffering in a big way and it will take many years to recover.

  3. Anne, thanks for the clear instructions. I am going to introduce my Year 4 students to Wordle when we get back from the holidays. We will have to do it in on the classroom computer though as Wordle is blocked in China for some reason so I have to use a VPN to get on the app.


    • Hi Heather, Wordle is one tool that you may have had access too. At least there is a ‘back door’ for you. I am sure that your year 4 students will really enjoy using it. Apart from the data visual aspects, the fact that students do not need a login and user name is a big postitive. Do you start school next week after the Chinese New Year?

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