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eT@Lking: Twitter – an eBox full of Tweets!

Topic: Twitter – and eBox full of Tweets – online Webinar

Date: Wednesday, 2nd February 8pm-9pm Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+11 daylight saving)

This is a follow up to our inaugural eT@lking session for 2011 on the widespread uptake and use of twitter during the current flood disasters in Australia. Some of the discussion items will include:-

  • Why use twitter?
  • How can twitter be used effectively?
  • What impact is twitter having on society and therefore what is the impact for education?
  • What desktop applications can be used eg tweetdeck, hootsuite etc.
  • What are hashtags in twitter? How can they be used to good effect? What tags do people follow?
  • How can twitter be used as a search engine?

Join us for a general discussion session. This is open to all – people who are new to twitter and those who already use twitter. Opportunities will be provided for participants to ask questions and to share knowledge.

Here is the link to the recording of the session