How to embed slideshare in WordPress blogs

Getting very frustrated over the last 12 months with not being able to embed a lot of media in my wordpress blog, I have hadto  add links to the sites where my media is housed eg youtube, slideshare, teachertube etc. My posts have simply used images and text.

Challenge #6 of the Kick Start your Blog Teacher Challenge looks at embedding media in blogs. This left a feeling of frustration and inadequacy knowing that this was one that I would dip out of! However, as I added a gallery of images for the recent Chinese New Year concert at Surfers Paradise to a post, I noticed the option of choosing slideshow.  As usual, being reluctant to try new things fearing that I would muck everything up, I took courage from other bloggers who had gone ‘outside their comfort zones’ during this challenge and decided to have a go. To my delight, I have a slideshow of the evening.

Another blogger was frustrated that she could not embed her powerpoint presentation in her wordpress blog. Determined to help, I googled for advice on how to embed slideshare in wordpress. To my delight one of the options came from slideshare themselves. It was then I noticed the option for wordpress on the lefthand side.

Here is what you do. Register for slideshare account>upload your presentation>look for the wordpress symbol on the LHS, click on it. (If you use blogger, there is an icon for blogger).

Find the wordpress symbol

Copy the code and paste that code in the html tab of the wordpress window when writing  a post. See the circled code in the image below from slideshare.

Copy resultant code

or click on customize and grab the short wordpress code. See image below:

Below is a sample slideshare of a presentation that I made at the VCTA conference 2010, embedded in this blog.


11 responses to “How to embed slideshare in WordPress blogs

  1. Love the slideshow presentation. I think Slideshare would be a good presentation tool for my students to add to their blogs. Thanks for sharing. Oh and love reading back channel discussion in my class. So right about checking for student understanding.

  2. Thanks Anne for your slideshow presentation. There are tools that I need to put on my “to look at” list for 2011.
    I enjoy using PhotoPeach for slide presentations tool. In between slides you can have a quiz question and you can present your slides as a spiral.

    • Hi Penny, thanks for your comment. I am not sure whether photopeach will embed in wordpress but I shall try it. Thanks for recommending this tool. I have registered for an account but never actually used it. I like the idea of a quiz question in between the slides and that is something I will try with my VCE accounting class.

      • Anne, I have been able to embed PhotoPeach presentations and YouTube videos on my blog. I’ve left the tips for YouTube in my last post.
        Is wordpress different to global teacher do you think?
        If you have a minute, have a look at this PhotoPeach presentation and quiz.
        I can imagine that the students would have fun coming up with the questions.

      • Hi Penny, yes wordpress is different to globalteacher and student. I can add lots of media readily by grabbing the code and embedding it, but word press uses different coding. However, photo peach is one tool that I have heard a lot about but have not used. Will try that this year. This challenge has forced me to seek out online help with adding extras to wordpress, and I have actually been able to add media by tweaking code or looking for different options. Thanks for your help.

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  4. Anne. Nice presentation. As a WordPress blogger I have felt the same frustrations as you do. Thanks to your clear instructions, I was able to embed a slideshare presentation. Finally, I did something in the sixth challenge! Thanks again,
    Ellen, I can do this.

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