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Australia Day 2011

Australia Day on the Gold Coast

January 26th, 2011
More than a thousand blokes and sheilas, many with families, attended the Gold Coast festival for Australia Day. Intermittent shouts from the crowd of “Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi” came throughout the day. There were demonstrations, rides for the children, entertainment galore, a rodeo, races, concerts etc. Some were decked out in  clothing featuring the Australian flag or in green and gold. A great performance by an Australian Bush Band, in the morning, finished with the words “You bewdy mate! Hooroo!” (To those who read this post and who are not from Australia, I hope you can understand our slang!)

This was in the wake of the most disastrous floods in Queensland’s known history since white settlement, and whilst cleanups are still going on in many areas. People still came out to celebrate what it means to be an Australian. However, here is reflected the true spirit of Australia. As Anna Bligh, Queensland premier  said “It (the floods) will not break our will!”

Since becoming connected globally as a teacher, I and my students have become so much more aware of our Australian culture.  What does it mean to be an Australian?  When videoconferencing with other countries, we have been asked the following:-

• Please wear your national costume
• Demonstrate your national foods
• Bring an object to represent your culture or something that represents where you live.
• What icon represents your country?
• Please bring a kangaroo along for us to see over the webcam etc

These have made great discussion points for class but the discussions are continuing as the answers are not so obvious.