The ‘eyes’ of the blog – Images! Kick Start Your Blog Challenge #5

#5 “Kick Start your Blog” challenge looks at the importance of images in blogs. Images tells a 1000 words. With increasing use of online spaces and easy accessability to a camera eg the mobile phone, images will increase in importance.

I am choosing the challenge to tell a “Story in 10 images” Here is the story:-

How could I use this photo gallery in class? Here are a few options:-

  1. Tell me the story of these images either in writing or use audio to develop a podcast
  2. Look at the photos above. If I were in those photos, what would I see, what would I hear, what would I smell and how would I feel. (Students could work in small groups to brainstorm using bubblus, google document, titan pad, ietherpad, wallwisher etc. It could be shared across schools with students mixed in groups from the schools brainstorming the story)
  3. Write a question to ask at at least 5 of these photos.
  4. Students take their own 3 to 9 images and tell a story in pictures
  5. Can you work out where the images were taken from? Research  online the flood disasters in Australia in January 2010. Write a post using links to the websites that you have found. If possible find videos, news reports, tweets, facebook pages, blogs etc representing many viewpoints. (for older students) etc
  6. Write a sequel to this story.
  7. What does this story say about the Australian cutlure?

How else could a story in images be used in the classroom? (And oops I cannot count as I have 11 pictures)


16 responses to “The ‘eyes’ of the blog – Images! Kick Start Your Blog Challenge #5

  1. Hi Anne!
    Thanks for sharing all the ways we can use a photo gallery in the classroom. I like idea #1 & #2 in particular. There is this great picture book by Chris Van Allsburg called the The Mysteries of Harris Burdick, which are just photos with no text. We had our students write a story based on one photo. Your idea in #1 reminded me of that activity. I think that it would be nice to do something similar with photos we post on a blog.
    I don’t know that much about the flooding in Australia. Were you affected directly by that? Are you going to be talking about it in your school?

    • Hi Jee, The current flooding in Australia is said to be our biggest disaster since white man settled here. It is still coninuing. My husband and I are up in Queensland at the Gold Coast (which was not affected by the flooding). However, I come from Victoria where floods and flood warnings are continuing. The city where I shop, Warrnambool was also affected by the floods as were some of the smaller towns near it.Yes, I will certainly be using this topic with the students. They will have a lot to tell me and we will have a lot to research and write about.

  2. love the set of photos being used to tell the story.
    clearly wordpress does this better than blogger [I seem to have some trouble placing images exactly where I want them in my posts] love the suggestions for using photos as story starters too

    • Hi Claire, I dont have a lot of experience with blogger. Blogger will let you do lots more than wordpress. It allows you to embed code etc.
      Images can be difficult to place in a certain position. So often, I have deleted the images and started again.

  3. Murcha
    This was a task I avoided, one of my students did one last year in the student challenge though. I now see how it might work, and can see how the pictures over the duration of the flood tell the story. You could take that from many aspects I guess, so the possibilities are endless. Thanks for the suggestions below the story. You have opened up new avenues for me. You and another blog I visited just now. Australian too, had a 5 picture story of the life of a rose. I keep thinking I should be focusing more on getting ready for school next week, but the blogging is opening up heaps of ideas which is great. I am bookmarking this page in Diigo for myself for later use. Thanks.

    • Hi Kathryn, It is a small world but that other blogger – Margm teaches with me. I loved her story too. As I am up in Queensland for a week, it is difficult to write really ‘tops’ posts, so I worked with what I had. As to focusing for school next week, I am still proctrastinating as well. Brought my VCE books up with me to do some work but this is much more interesting.

  4. Nice job on the gallery, Anne. When you click on the photos, they come up even larger than on Edublogs. The pictures are not easy to look at, but it is good for us to see. I made a comment about you and a link to your blog on a Wiki from the Angela Maiers class. I hope that’s OK.
    I love your ideas for photo assignments, and I can’t think of another right now!

    • Hi Denise, thank you for mentioning my work on the wiki that you have been working on. I am really honoured to think you have done this. Yes, please share anything that you think is of interest. Thank you also for sharing the link to it. I shall check that out when school settles into first term.

  5. Hi Anne
    I can see how this ‘visual images’ activity would be a really powerful way to get children talking, and the direction to use their senses to describe what they see, hear,feel is a great way to develop descriptive language especially about settings. An age appropriate activity for 6-7 year olds to do very effectively. I look forward to using it. It is tragic what is happening in Queensland and Victoria. Oona

    • Hi Oona, I find that working with visual images works well with the older students too. They seem to love working with all sorts of media. Yes, we have now had a massive cyclone in northern Queensland. I live down south, but Victoria is suffering a second lot of heavy rain with flooding again.

  6. Thanks for sharing the list of ideas of how to use photos and images to support writing. I really like the activity where students link to other sites on the same topic. I’m planning to get my students to use photos to learn and teach vocabulary as we are starting a literature unit this week. I cant’ wait to see what they come up with.

    • Hi Kay, I hope you share a post with us on what your students do come up with. Creativity needs to be encouraged as much as possible in our classrooms.

  7. Another great post Anne. Thank you SO much for all the hard work that you and Sue and the other organizers have put in to making the Challenge such a wonderful learning journey. I am having lots of fun with the Teacher Challenge during our holidays. I am behind with the activities but thoroughly enjoying the participation and the connection with so many other teachers and students. I’m finding the student blogs and comments to be outstanding. One of the things which surprised me was how few computers were in the classrooms of the outstanding student bloggers. What a testament to their teachers and those in their PLNs throughout the World. I am feeling so much more “connected” during this break. I’mjust about to head out to Zart in Box Hill to do some Art shopping, with my camera of course. 36 years of teaching and I still enjoy learning and creating. Life’s good.
    Thanks again Anne,

    • Hi Yvonne and thank you for this wonderful comment. I think as teachers we are always behind as there is so much to do. However, we need to pace ourselves, so if you can catch up in your own time or skip some challenges and complete the ones that interest you most. Yes, there are some great people out there doing wonderful things with the most limited of resources. Being ‘connected’ is a wonderful opportunity that technology provides. I love learning and the fact that with technology there is always something new, makes teaching so exciting. All the best for 2011 and thank you again for this wonderful feedback.

  8. Hi Anne…thank you for sharing with us some terrific ideas for using images with students. I love the idea setting tasks that draw upon the personal experiences of students and the communities they live in.
    The floods have relevance to many subject areas too.

    • Hi Penny, it will be very topical as the floods are still threatening in Victoria and the Queensland water is expected down here in three weeks. I am sure the students will want to learn more and know where they can go to find out and learn more.

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