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The ‘eyes’ of the blog – Images! Kick Start Your Blog Challenge #5

#5 “Kick Start your Blog” challenge looks at the importance of images in blogs. Images tells a 1000 words. With increasing use of online spaces and easy accessability to a camera eg the mobile phone, images will increase in importance.

I am choosing the challenge to tell a “Story in 10 images” Here is the story:-

How could I use this photo gallery in class? Here are a few options:-

  1. Tell me the story of these images either in writing or use audio to develop a podcast
  2. Look at the photos above. If I were in those photos, what would I see, what would I hear, what would I smell and how would I feel. (Students could work in small groups to brainstorm using bubblus, google document, titan pad, ietherpad, wallwisher etc. It could be shared across schools with students mixed in groups from the schools brainstorming the story)
  3. Write a question to ask at at least 5 of these photos.
  4. Students take their own 3 to 9 images and tell a story in pictures
  5. Can you work out where the images were taken from? Research  online the flood disasters in Australia in January 2010. Write a post using links to the websites that you have found. If possible find videos, news reports, tweets, facebook pages, blogs etc representing many viewpoints. (for older students) etc
  6. Write a sequel to this story.
  7. What does this story say about the Australian cutlure?

How else could a story in images be used in the classroom? (And oops I cannot count as I have 11 pictures)