How to retweet using twitter

Twitter is a great way to share and publicise your blog posts. Questions have been coming in as part of the Kick Start Your Blog Challenge. There have been questions regarding twitter, especially how to retweet. Twitter has changed to a new look.

  1. To add the share the link to your blog post using twitter. Copy the url of your post. Click on the heading of the post , get the fullpost title url and not just the blog title url. Copy this url.
  2. To shorten the web address, go to bitly, paste the url in the window, choose shorten, then copy the new shortened url into twitter and share.

To retweet using twitter, follow the prompts on these screen shots:-

Step 1

Step 2


3 responses to “How to retweet using twitter

  1. Murcha
    Thanks for informative post. I am looking forward to being updated with Windows 7 I think it is when we go back to school as it has a tool Snipit, I think its called that makes posts like this easy to do.
    I actually have aready done this much in Twitter, but still a reluctant Twittera. I know when schools go back I am trying to avoid overload. However maybe following a few well chosen Twitterers, it will be helpful.

  2. I have been using twitter more often and often have wanted to share my posts but the url is too long. Thanks for the site to get it condensed, it will be most useful.

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