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A Spring Clean gives my Blog Muscle

About me in a collage!

About me in a collage

The third challenge in Kick Start Your Blog required us to consider pages as opposed to posts.  Pages can be likened to muscles as  they give power, weight, flexibiliity and depth to the blog.The “About Me” page is important. I did not realise how important it was until I studied my statistics and found that apart from two of my most visited posts, the ‘about me’ page came up as the third most visited. Daily statistics also confirm that someone is always looking at that page.

Before and After a Spring Clean giving  my “About Me” Page more muscle

After considering what makes an effective post, it is only appropriate that I aim for an effective blog page. As I tend to be conservative and lack a creative writing style, my “About Me” page is quite classical in nature.

Before the spring clean!

  • too much text
  • was far too long
  • included outdated information
  • lacked multimedia
  • no detail about my background, interests outside school, details of my school

After the spring clean

  • added a caption to the image of my school
  • included a description of the school I teach at
  • Added a link to my blog post 10 questions to ask my blog which I completed for challenge #1 of Kick Start your Blog
  • generally tidied up text, added lists with bullet points and sub headings
  • Added a 1 minute video that I have just completed as part of my application for the Google Teacher Academy to letting visitors see what my classroom looks like.
  • As there was far too much text, I shifted a great chunk “How I got started” to another page. I then added this to the parent category “About Me’ and on the navigation tabs, it now comes up as a sub page. I also added a link to it within the home page. (I was rather proud of this as I had never done it before and was not sure whether it would work, but it did!)