eT@lking: Technology during Disaster

Emu Creek floods near Panmure

This week will see our first session for eT@lking session 2011. Tech Talk Tuesdays will commence in early February.
Topic: Technology during Disaster
Date: Wed 8-9pm, Melbourne, Australia (gmt+11 dst)
Synopsis:  This will be an information session and an discussion and analysis of the use of social networking and other technology in the current Australian floods. This session will:-

  1. look at the ways in which technology has helped during the recent floods, including social networking sites such as twitter, facebook.
  2. Help us set the schedule of webinars in 2011 – we need your ideas and suggestions; your networks and your expertise.
  3. Provide a preview of the new blog about to be launched for the Australia Series.

Here is the link for the session. Please join us.


3 responses to “eT@lking: Technology during Disaster

  1. Dear Anne,
    This picture and the whole situation really is sad. So much destruction and loss. Is the flooding near you? I hope you are safe.

    Your webinar sounds very interesting and especially relevant…social networking tools are really coming into their own. Hope that you have lots of examples where it was a positive force in getting people notified and to safety. I just heard on the news tonight that, in the unrest in Tunisia, Twitter is playing a huge role in keeping the protests going. I’m not surprised and I think we have only begun to scratch the surface of what people will do with SM.



    • Thanks Marsha, I think that Australia has really embraced social networking and found a real purpose for it during the disaster. Twitter is in the hands of everyone, if they choose to use it and I really agree with your statement ‘that we have only just begun to scratch the surface”. How can we transform education with social networking tools?

  2. post not working in firefox

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