Kick Start Your Blog with the Teacher Blog Challenge

Are you interested:-

  1. in getting both yourself and your students using 21st century tools like blogs?
  2. in learning about some new tools you could use in your classes?
  3. in being a mentor to teachers and educators who are just starting their journey with 21st century technology?
  4. in improving your blogging, extending your network globally and sharing with others?

Then the teachers’ blogging challenge is for you! This challenge is being organised through edublogs. This 30 day challenge, starts on Monday January 10th, and will have two components:-

  1. Two weekly challenges for those new to blogging
  2. Two weekly challenges to those who are experienced in blogging

The first topic will be “30 days to kickstart your blogging” and will cover topics such as writing effective blogs posts, embedding media, and building readership. Hence the hashtag for twitter, blogging references etc is #ksyb. Sue Waters and Ronnie Burt will provide the newbie challenges, Anne Mirtschin the advanced challenges and Sue Wyatt will provide a reflective post each week.

Be part of this great challenge and read So you are joining this first challenge! Fun, networking and learning for all!

Here is the first challenge for advanced teacher bloggers – Down Blog’s Memory Lane


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