Daily Archives: January 6, 2011

Website of the Day – Jewelbeat Royalty Free Music

Videos and animated slideshows do not have the same impact without music. Music adds that extra element of feeling and enjoyment. All too often students will grab their favourite songs and add them as background music, forgetting about or ignoring the copyright issues.

Although, students in my classes are encouraged to create their own music using Sony Acid 3.0, they often do not have time to make their own.  Students like professional sounding music, as they feel theirs often sounds quite amateurish or it is very difficult to replicate a certain feel and genre.

It was therefore with interest that I received an email alerting me to the following website:- Jewelbeat Royalty Free Music Students and I,  can use these compositions and sound effects readily by simply downloading the loops or sound effects and  acknowledging the source of the music as Jewelbeat Royalty Free Music

There are many styles of music, music loops and sound effects to choose from. Thanks Jewelbeat Royalty Free Music for offering this service.