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10 Highlights for 2010

2010 in pics

2010 had many highlights for me as a teacher and learner.  Here are 10 of them, but there were many, many more.

  1. Asian Connections – virtual elluminate linkups, between my year 11 IT class and Zainuddin Zakariah’s year 10 IT class formTaman Burkitt School, Kuala Lumpur over a 5 week period – the highlight of the year for my 11 IT students. Renewing my online acquaintance with Veronica Woo, from Ipoh in Malaysia,  having some wonderful skpye linkups, including an e-Intercultural Learning Adventure. In September meeting Veronica and a fellow teacher, Evon, face to face, and working with their school staff and students at SMJK Poi Lam. In that same trip, I was able to meet my cyber class from Kuala Lumpur face to face as well – a very special moment. Learning about International Friendship Day with Aini Hussein’s  class from Singapore,  using skype and videoconferencing.
  2. Successfully teaching a year 11 virtual accounting student from Balmoral, as part of my face to face class (using skype, elluminate, google apps, blogs)
  3. Using webinars for networking, sharing, discussing and connecting. In 2010, I was proud to organise and moderate the webinar, Tech Talk Tuesdays, using a partnership with Innovations and Next Practise Division, DEECD. eT@lking commenced  in partnership with Carole McCulloch (coach_carole). This is a regular weekly Wed night webinar whose purpose is to connect all tiers of education. This series was triggered by discussions with Steve Hargadon, on his 2009 trip to Australia. It is sponsored by Learn Central as part of the Australia series.
  4. Continuing liaisons with Lorraine Leo, from USA, with whom I have taught and learnt across the globe and who continues to connect my classes to some great speakers – eg her grade 6 students spoke to my 9/10 ICT elective class about Halloween and  her niece and nephew spoke to   year 11 students about their experiences volunteering in the cleanup of the Haiti aftermath, using DiscoverE
  5. The Global Education Conference 2010:- connecting educationalists and classrooms across the globe. Particular highlights include co-presenting with my special USA colleague Lorraine Leo, who continues to be an inspiration to me, listening to four amazing teachers from Kenya, crowded around a sole laptop to tell us about learning in their school and area,  the student summit with Julie Lindsay’s class from BISS and my year 11 IT class, and our linkup with the classroom 2.0 LIVE team for the presentation:-  “Classroom2.0Live meets the Australia Series.”
  6. Virtual Teaching Round Practicum Trial – a partnership with Country Education Project, the University of Ballarat and Hawkesdale P12 College. Three pre-service teachers completed a 6 week teaching round, which included two pre-service teachers teaching off campus for one week, whilst the third student teacher spent 4 weeks in China, teaching our grade 4 students back at school about her experiences there.
  7. The Flat Classroom Projects including attendance at the Flat Classroom Conference in Mumbai, with one of my students. Thanks Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis for your inspiration, leadership, drive and hard work here on these projects.
  8. Discussing racism with Alex Gustard and a physical education class from the American School of Bombay involving grade 6/7 students using skype and google docs in real time. Discussing cricket and “should Australia go to India to play sport” with Purti and her class from India
  9. Attending face to face conferences, including  the ACEC2010 conference, VITTA andand  Comview (VCTA).  Presenting virtually  to a group of Greek teachers who teach English, about blogging. (at the request of my virtual friend Dimitris)
  10. Finally from my school: 1:1 netbook program for years 5 to 8, moderating three evening sessions, entitled TechnoParents for parents live in elluminate, with students, parents and staff all in the virtual room discussing learning at Hawkesdale P12 College. Increasing uptake of global projects by staff and classes at school.

If you have been part of my network during 2010, I thank for that and look forward to working and networking with you in 2011.