Our Christmas 2010

Christmas time is my favourite time of the year. Here is how we spent it in 2010.

Ten days before Christmas, we put a fresh, young pine tree in our sitting room and decorated it with a variety of decorations. The traditional star was placed on top.  Cards were sent out to family and friends and emailed Christmas letters  to those who are online. Two days prior to Christmas, presents and gifts were wrapped for the family and placed under our Christmas Tree. Christmas Eve is time for church – with the children leading the service and telling the Christmas story.

Christmas Day is spent with family. Two of our sons were able to be part of it, virtually, despite their distance from home – Jason in London and Jonathan in South Africa. Although skype had been playing up, it allowed Jason to watch from his home in London, his nephew and

Jason watches the presents being opened via skype

niece open the presents that he had sent in the mail. He also watched the other presents being opened. (We only used one way videoconferencing to hold the connection.)

 At night, Jonathan, Jason (our two overseas sons) and another cousin living in Leeds were able to set up a conference skype call and speak to all those assembled at my sister-in-law’s house for Christmas tea.

Christmas lunch was traditional, with half our immediate family present, including our two grandchildren, Will and Ella, and spent at our place. Here is our lunch menu.

  • Entree:- prawn cocktail
  • Main:- Roast Turkey and ham, roast pork and chicken, baked vegetables and honeyed carrots.
  • Dessert:- plum pudding and brandy sauce, fruit salad and icecream, fresh strawberries in dipping chocolate sauce.

For the evening meal, we drove 30 mins into Warrnambool to spend the night with my husband’s family. Gran, my husband’s 90 year old mother was also present. That meal consisted of cold meats and salads, with fruit salad and trifle for dessert.

How did you spend your Christmas? Would love you to comment back or link to your blog post.

The evening meal and virtual guests


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