Christmas activity ideas

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Here are some ideas for those of us who enjoy celebrating Christmas. For

Santa in Helsinki, Finland


  1. Students love glitz, animation, colour etc Add some sparkly text and a Merry Christmas heading in your blog post with sparklee, glitter text, free sparkle etc
  2. Add an animated gif or graphic. Search for copyright free images online.
  3. Take a photo of any evidence of Christmas activity in your school. Add to a blog post with a brief description on why this is occurring.
  4. What does Christmas look like, sound like and feel like in the area where you live? Make a txt movie, a powerpoint presentation, a poem or write a report and add to a blog post?
  5. Using your mobile phone (cell phone), take photos of the Christmas tree in your home, add to your blog and explain the processes of getting the tree up and then removing it.
  6. Does your neighbourhood put Christmas lights up in their gardens or on their homes. Tell us what they look like, add an image and find links to actual global Christmas lights eg Oxford Street, London Add these links to your blog post.
  7. Are there Christmas markets near you? What are they like? Find some of the big global Christmas markets and add a brief post, hyperlinking text to any sites that you find. eg Christmas markets in Germany
  8. Check out Shelly Terrell’s blog post on 8 free apps for creating special holiday gifts.

For some fun and games!

  1. Make your own Advent Calendar: using MS Powerpoint or enjoy all these Advent Calendars from iLearn Technology
  2. Get ready to follow Santa on Norad and Google maps See Norad tracks Santa
  3. Make a snowflake
  4. From @sandynay on twitter
  5. Santa Clause sciencebase
  6. The North Pole
  7. Elf yourself
  8. Make some Christmas Cards and find some interesting questions relating to Christmas time.

For teachers

  1. Great site with videos, music etc relating to Christmas
  2. Elf Yourself in a Christmas card!
  3. Advent calendar with a different web2.0 tool featured each day and a maths advent calendar with maths activities in the leadup to Christmas
  4. Get each of your students to make a picture relating to Christmas. Put them into a collage and create a Christmas greeting. See below for an example from our Prep/One teacher. Isn’t it wonderful!

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