Tech Talk Tuesdays: End of Year, Christmas celebrations and virtual parties

Our year is nearly at an end so come along and celebrate, have fun, play games and get to know each other better, for this our last session(s) of the year!

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Tuesday, December 14th 3:45 -4:45pm (Melbourne Australia time – gmt+11)

Topic: End of Year and Christmas Celebrations

As this is the last session for 2010, let’s celebrate with some
fun, games and general sharing. There will be presents for all,
so wear some party/Christmas headgear and share it using the video cam & microphone.
Bring a photo and share Christmas celebrations with those from other cultures.
Bring some food for the virtual feast (copyright free images etc)
Share your most exciting moment for 2010
Do you have any ideas for this last session? Add as comments below.
Here is the link to the session

eT@lking: Wed Dec 15th 8-9pm Melbourne Australia – gmt+11

Topic:- Virtual End of Year Party

As this is the last session for 2010, we will have a party with fun, games, sharing conversations etc.
Please bring along some or all of the following and share with us all:-
•A highlight for the year
•A photo (resized) depicting where you live or your culture
•Your favourite moments of 2010 – educational/personal
•A funny moment, a sad moment and a proud moment
•Something new you tried this year educationally
•For those who celebrate Christmas, an object to share over the webcam or an image (resized) to place on the whiteboard
•Most importantly some virtual food (images, photos- copyright free)
Any ideas for games/acitivites!
Please join us and experience the best that web conferencing can offer!

Here is the link for the session

Drawn by year 9 Ebonie


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