Shortlisted for Edublogs Awards 2010

I am proud to be shortlisted for two Edublogs Awards and so is one of my student bloggers. If you have time and enjoy our work, we would love you to vote for us. Here is the link to go to and the title of the blog or webinar is beside it.

  1. Best Student Blog – dhugsy
  2. Best Teacher Blog – On an e-Journey with Generation Y
  3. Best Educational Webinar Series – Tech Talk Tuesdays

Thanks, this means a lot!


2 responses to “Shortlisted for Edublogs Awards 2010

  1. Anne…I’m delighted to vote for you as I have learnt so much from Tech Talk Tuesdays this year. Thank you for all that you give to students and educators.

    • Penny, you have been a real treasure to have supported Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking. Participants like you made it all worthwhile. Hope you will join us again in 2011 and bring your ideas and conversations to the sessions.

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