Create a Christmas Calendar

Many homes in Australia have Christmas or Advent calendars in their home. Each day of December, until Christmas, children open the appropriate door for that date, and they find either a chocolate or Christmas image. Do you have one in your home?

We are going to make our own (thanks Mrs Lee for the idea). Follow these instructions and use the image below as a guideline. To open each day, we will use the custom animation feature of Powerpoint.


  • Goto MS Powerpoint
  • Insert a table> 5 rows by 5 columns, add a clipart( representing Christmas) in each cell.
  • There should be 25 Chrismas pics in total, with a very special Christmas pic in the last one eg Santa
  • Cover each cell with a shape
  • Add numbers to each cell from 1 to
  • Use custom animation to remove the shapes one at a time.
  • Grab a screen dump, crop in MS Paint, save as a jpg and insert the image into your blog post, with a brief explanation on how you made your colourful calendar.

Below is an example of a calendar that catei13 is working on. Christmas calendar


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