Nominations for the Edublogs Awards 2010

As always, leaving things to the last minute, I do want to nominate a few sites for the edublogs awards for 2010, as there are some people and sites that I have found valuable and useful. There are many other people, blogs and online sites that I love to read and use, but some of these have already been nominated several times.

  1. Best individual blog Cool Cat Teacher blog with Vicki Davis or
  2. Best librarian / library blog  What a Bright Idea! with Judith Way
  3. Best student blog – Dhugsy
  4. Best Teacher Blog – Techno Science – with Britt Gow
  5. Best Educational Wiki – the Flat Classroom Projects or
  6. Best educational use of a social network – Classroom2.0 or
  7. Best educational podcast – Douchy’s Biology Podcasts or
  8. The best educational use of a Virtual World – Quest Atlantis or
  9. Lifetime Achiever – Steve Hargadon or

Congratulations to any who have been nominated! If you would like to nominate from a wide number of categories, see the The Edublogs Awards


One response to “Nominations for the Edublogs Awards 2010

  1. Thanks so much for your nomination Anne – it is very kind of you to consider me amongst such esteemed company. It is you I need to thank for starting me on my digital journey through blogs, wikis and all the other web tools that you have introduced to me. Congratulations on your VITTA Outstanding Educator Award – great job!

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