Successful web conferencing

Allison Kirby, of Yellow Edge, who trains people in elluminate LIVE, was our guest presenter tonight. She gave us some fantastic hints on running a successful online conference and/or sessions, shared some great resources and used interactivity and the whiteboard to great effect! Thanks Allison, great session and I am going to try many of your suggestions as soon as I can.

From the chat:

  • Carole McCulloch: love the pushpin idea – cos it stays there (on the map)
  • copying is the best form of flattery
  • it is an essential element to get the right theme for a conference or session
  • I like Elluminate inclusiveness – esp when we all have the same tools to use
  • enthusiasts are usually very sharing of their time
  • people like hearing from the ‘kids’ too – well they did on the Global Conference
  • absolutely agree with the need to have a presenter who can use public speaking voice
  • PRACTICE running your activities with a mentor
  • OH and one other person did a GREAT 2 min ‘overview’ via a picture – and ppl LOVED that!
  • Training Magazine Network has great websinars – 3am my time so I listen to recordings – like Ray Jimenez
  • 6 week course with Coach Carole
  • We should try to bring a friend next time!
  • I would like to see more about the moderator and presenter controls
  • You could use elluminate as the platform for professional conversation

Hints for working with students:-

  • 5 min ‘free for all’
  • share photos on whiteboard and save for later use
  • word find with names
  • polls and free time, giving them moderator priveledges and asking them to do tasks
  • I have a file on my desktop of ‘useful’ stuff

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