Closing celebrations – the start of something new!

They came from all over the globe for the  Final Ceremony of the Global Education Conference. Check out these amazing figures  for the Global Education Conference #globaled10:-

  1. 15,028 unique logins; 8,372 hours attended; 32,681 website visits.
  2. 5 days over 500 hours in a row, 8300 session attendance hours

Here are some comments from Steve Hargadon during the final session of the conference:-

  • We became a community during the week – connected with so many people
  • Watched an amazing learning curve took place – peer learning – there were so many peer acts.
  • The conference was to be all inclusive – tried to be inclusive as possible so all could participate. They didn’t get as many presentations as they would have liked from across the world eg Eastern Europe
  • Even if there was only one participant, there was an opportunity to present
  • Physical conferences have been restricted with space – people got a chance to present
  • There was no funding – didn’t have to pay for keynote speakers – so no money transfer – therefore conference was seen as trustworthy

Here are a few comments from the participants:-

  • Karen Cator – highly connected
  • Julene Reed: I feel like you were all with me at my desk this week! It was a very crowded office!
  • Patricia Barrett: This is going to grow exponentially from this moment on
  • Gabriel Vleisides (Co-Chair -East Europe ): Love the videos !!  Thank you everyone for sharing your world with us !!
  • Larry Anderson-ADE: Steve & Lucy have truly personified leadership this week!
  • We have experienced Web 3.0
  • JennyA: Global learning, global moving forward, global problem solving

And to show the truly global nature of the conference, some of the chat was in Spanish

I love the fact that in this room we are sharing different days, different times, different cultures etc but we all share a passion for teaching, learning and global education. Steve Hargadon, Lucy Gray and Julie Lindsay and many, many more have made possible, what many would say is impossible. I am proud to say that I was part of this amazing conference.

The conference may have finished, but the connections and conversations are just starting.


2 responses to “Closing celebrations – the start of something new!

  1. Hi Anne –

    Thank you for helping out and for all your sessions! This event wouldn’t have been possible without the legions of volunteers that came through. Steve always speaks so highly of you, and now I know why! 🙂

    Just a minor comment.. Karen Cator wasn’t at the conference. She’s basically head of ed tech for the US and it would have been totally cool had she attended. Anyway, I quoted something that I’ve often heard her say about highly connected teachers as I, too, think it’s the way of the future. She wasn’t there actually to say it during the closing celebration.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend, and thank you again for your help!

  2. What a great post! You expressed so many thoughts and feelings that we all had so well!


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