The Global Education Conference 2010 – a personal involvement

The ‘near’ impossible is happening this week – a global conference that is being organised on a global scale, that is free, open to all who have access to the internet with 397 general sessions from 62 countries plus 63 keynote speakers. Dont miss the globaleducation 2010 conference!  

If you wish to attend,follow these steps:-

  1. Goto schedule for sessions.
  2. Choose your time zone from the drop down menu
  3. Ensure that the clock at the top matches your time.
  4. Check out the great events.
  5. Click on the session title that you would like to attend and another popup window givesfurther detail and the link to join the session. As it approaches the time, click on the ELLUMINATE SESSION.

The regular Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@Lking sessions will take part in this conference. Below is a list of the sessions that I am involved in either as a presenter or moderator. Please join me! Note these days and times are for Victoria, Australian (gmt+11 time) One of the most exciting sessions, is the connection of two classrooms – Julie Lindsay’s in China and mine from Australia. Here is the schedule for the session.

3pm Flat Classroom Project Student Summit: The Asian Connection Julie Lindsay’s class from Beijing and my yr 11 class from Hawkesdale P12 College join forces to present. Link for the session
4pm The Blogging Challenge with Sue Wyatt (moderating) Link to the session
8amWednesday Mary Menne Raise Engagement Raise Hope, Raise Achievement (Moderating) Link to the session
10pm Global Education is not an option! (presenting) Link to the Session
Wednesday November 17th
8am Moderate Jim Brazell – Keynote speakerThe Future is Here: The Role of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics Link to the Session
9am Teaching and Learning Across the GlobePresenting with Lorraine Leo Link to the Session
6pm Chatting about Global Projects (general discussion) Link to the Session
Thursday November 18th
1pm Classroom2.0LIVE meets the Australia Series With Carole McCulloch, Kim Caise, Lorna Constantini, Peggy George and Anne Mirtschin Link to the Session

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Here are the links to the recordings

  1. Flat Classroom Projects: Student Summit: The Asian Connections
  2. Moderated Sue Wyatt’s ‘The Blogging Challenge’
  3. Global Education is not an Option – it is a necessity
  4. Learning and Teaching across the Globe
  5. Chatting about Global Projects

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